Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still in the dark . .

So, rather than catch up on all my Oscar movies, I was forced to spend all yesterday in the hospital. I had to be there to do a bone scan, CT scan, MRI. This is going to give the docs more info on what kind of surgery I am going to need, as well as if the alien invaders have left my breast area and invaded other parts of my body.

So, before they could do the CT scan, I needed to drink a barium sulfate mixture to coat my stomach so the dye would not damage the stomach lining, or something like that.

They gave me this exact bottle, but it was actually vanilla flavored. It had a cute little straw, and told me to drink it down, and they would be back in 30 minutes.

OMG it was awful. It tasted like sperm milkshake. It was horrid. And then they came back in 30 minutes, and told me I needed to drink another one, but just half. Thank god it was cold, but I was about to hurl. I had to just suck it up and think of other things besides, well, sperm.

Then they came to get me, inserted the IV, and made me drink the rest of it, which had gotten to room temperature, so then it was warm sperm milkshake. Yuck. It still makes my stomach turn thinking about it.

So then I has the CT scan, which looks likes this.

This was to check out my liver and lungs I think, to see if anything that shouldn't be there was there. After making me drink that lovely drink, they injected me with some iodine dye. As soon as they inject it, you can taste it in the back of your throat. It is very weird, and then, and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, you feel like you have just pissed in your pants, only you aren't wearing any, which makes it worse. They had warned me that I would feel a "warm flush," which is hospital code for "you will feel like you pissed all over yourself" but I was so embarrassed anyway. But then you get up, and you are as dry as . .. well, dry.

Looking forward to my core biopsy of my irregular lymph node. Will have someone there with me, unlike my biopsy of my breast, which was really painful and really sucked. Not Luis though, who cant handle gore, and core biopsies are, well, gory. Will update soon! Have a great relaxing Sunday!