Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday night

What is the point of everything we do? Happiness, right? No matter if we want to become a doctor, make a lot of money, loose weight, when we finish asking why is it that we want to do those things, it is to be happy.

Happiness is the one thing everyone wants, the one that that every single person on the planet is working toward. The one thing you have in common with all the other six billion people on the planet. Happiness has been a goal for thousands and thousands of years, yet it still seems to be the most elusive thing in the world for most people I know. Now, I can luckily say, I am very happy, but I bet there is some point in my life where I am not going to feel so happy, and I want to make sure that happens as little as possible.

So I am going to study happiness. I have already read some brilliant books on the subject by several positive psychologists, and some of the revelations are interesting. I shall share as I absorb!

Christmas holidays in Puerto Rico were great, but I am exhausted from the travel (and having low blood counts). I start radiation on Wednesday (it was supposed to be Monday, but whatever), and I am excited for that portion of my treatment to start and be over. I can see a small pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel!

I am going to take some classes at the community college. Right now, I am just signed up for a Biology course, but I am going to take a math test on Monday (in between my dentist appointment and my blood work in Mesquite) that will hopefully allow me to enter a chemistry class. I am mostly interested in taking organic chemistry and molecular biology (to get a better handle on WTF happened inside my boob), but I have to take those prerequisites first!

Hubby and Mommy arrive tomorrow, so I am going to get a wonderful nights sleep so I can celebrate with my husband about his getting tenure at the university. For those of you who aren't familiar with the academic world and the "publish or perish" dictum, you can publish and still perish by not publishing enough or in the right journals, and get a nice kick in your pants out of the university where you have toiled 5 or more years of your life and be left jobless. That powers at be looked at my hubby's CV, and rather than giving him the boot they invited him to stay at the university for ever and ever! Job security! I don't have to move! I can make a garden! I can get a dog! I can get a job! Possibilities are now endless. Best thing of all, I have a great excuse to buy a nice pinot and have a glass with my baby.

Am I the only one with "pants on the floor" running circles in their head? Looking like a fool with your pants on the floor, pants on the floor . . .